Applied Survey Data Analysis Using SAS 9.4

This workshop covers descriptive analyses, both numerical and graphical, with both continuous and categorical variables. Subpopulation analysis will be discussed, and then examples of OLS regression and logistic regression will be considered. Register here: The workshop notes are here.

R Data Management

This workshop explores tools in R for data management, with a focus on the several of the packages in the “tidyverse” collection.  Topics covered include summarizing variables, subsetting rows and columns, generating group-level variables, combining data sets, reshaping data, and working with string and datetime data.  This workshop is designed to be interactive, so some...
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Introduction to R Programming

This workshop is an introduction to R as a programming language. The aim of this workshop is to improve programming skills of R users who have some familiarity with R as a statistical package and would like to extend their R skills. We will talk about how R users can write functions to replace repetitive...
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