R Graphics: Introduction to ggplot2

This seminar teaches the “grammar” of graphics that underlies the ggplot2 package, allowing the user to build eye-catching, publication-quality graphics layer-by-layer. We will cover the basic elements of the grammar of graphics, including aesthetics, geoms, scales, and themes, and we will show you how easy ggplot2 makes it to integrate these elements to make informative...
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Applied Survey Data Analysis in SPSS

The workshop will introduce the basic concepts and elements necessary to analyze data collected via a complex sampling design. The workshop will use SPSS Complex Samples to conduct descriptive analyses. Examples of subpopulation analyses will be given, as well as examples of linear and logistic regression models. The workshop notes will be posted soon. Register...
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Analysis and Visualization of Interactions in R

In regression, we are often interested in an interaction, which is the modification or moderation of the effect of an independent variable by another. Understanding interactions involves interpreting the regression coefficients, estimating and testing simple effects and their differences, and visualizing the interaction. This workshop will teach you how to do all of these thing...
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